Perception, blindness, regrouping and action

Perception is reality

  • How may we help the team to have a clearer understanding of the final vision for the change?
  • How can we be sure the team received the final vision of that change and understood it?
  • How do we better support them through the change to avoid confusion and increase confidence?
  • How do we build up the team’s resilience to change?
  • How do we make it clearer that in truth we all want the same thing?
  • How do we help teams realize and get comfortable with the fact that these things take a long time to get right and may never be perfect?

Positive blindness

  • Is my position neutral enough that I won’t fall into a blind spot?
  • How do we keep track of things without bias?
  • Is my position neutral enough that I can help people identify the positives?
  • Would it be a better strategy to bring in someone, whether they’re internal or external, in a more neutral position to get your message across?
  • Is there a way I can provide a clear visual or update that spotlights the positives?

Knowing when to regroup

  1. We would be able to share with the team the objectives we were able to achieve and how that had an impact on both the product and our journey towards the vision of the change.
  2. We would also be able to analyse how that stage went, what we learnt and what might need to be approached in another way.
  • Will having those milestones only create noise?
  • Will the team celebrate those milestones or focus on how the “vision” seems so far away?
  • Will it reduce the feeling that we’re going in the opposite direction because they have a roadmap of the change?
  • Would a better solution be to show the whole plan or vision? Or is it better to only share parts at a time?
  • How will we manage the discomfort if the exact vision isn’t achieved because we changed and iterated along the way?

When to talk and when to act

  • What kind of action will create the impact?
  • What are the certainties that we know will happen?
  • How do we showcase the wins and amplify the good?
  • Do we have to change the narrative and how might we do that?

In conclusion




// Leading Product Operations at OLX Motors EU // Helping to make better products — Co-founder of @uxdiscuss with @whitingx

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Hugo Froes

Hugo Froes

// Leading Product Operations at OLX Motors EU // Helping to make better products — Co-founder of @uxdiscuss with @whitingx

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